Masai mara tops the list of the best safari destinations in Africa according to CNN and other travel information sources. The best recommended time to visit Masai Mara National reserve is during the wildebeest migration, from July to October every year. During this period millions of animals migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara National Reserve searching for greener pastures.

Before making your visit to Masai Mara National Reserve, here are some of the basic things you should consider or follow.

The average cost of a one day safari to masai mara is USD. 150 for camping safaris, and USD. 250 for a  lodge safari.

If this is your Second, or third time and you really want to go by yourself , please check the check list below

  • Hire tour car
  • Find the best driver
  • find the best lodges in Masai mara, or nice tented camps
  • Check park feel
  • carry a camera

Is this your first time to visit Masai Mara? Well if this is your first time you should link with a tour company, remember we also provide tour packages to Masai Mara National Reserve your can check more safaris here

List of information for the first time Masai Mara visitor.



Masai Mara National Reserve listed as Africa’s best safari park by CNN.