Everyone wants to join us for a memorable Mara safari, but thinking of a day trip to Masai Mara is almost impossible. Masai Mara National Reserve is 258.2 km from Nairobi, almost 7h drive. Nairobi Safari programs starts from 6am-8am, let’s say we start our  safari 6am and spend 6 hours on the road to Masai Mara, and arrive at the park 1pm. The arrival time will allow us to do an afternoon game drive and drive back to Nairobi arriving at mid-night.

A day trip to Masai Mara from Nairobi is impossible, not a good idea to have a 24 hour marathon safari without a sleep at the camps or lodges. I recommend a two days safari  to Masai Mara national reserve from Nairobi.


You will have two options for a two days safari to Masai Mara

2 days camping safari

$300 (USD) Rates are per person and based on 2 people sharing 1 room

2 days lodge safari

$800 (USD) Rates are per person and based on 2 people sharing 1 room

Optional Activity in Masai Mara; Baloon Safari

Your trip begins when you get your wake up call at your safari lodge or tented camp in the early hours of the morning, drive to the hot air balloon site. As you approach the site, the balloon seems bigger than you expected, the experience is one that has never been visited, and you are about to have a trip of a lifetime. Just as the sun is rising the hot air balloon safari starts. As you begin to get a grip on the elevation over the game filled plains and riverine forest of the Masai Mara Game Reserve you notice the wildebeest moving in large numbers across the Masai Mara plains, the beauty of the landscape when the rising sun’s bright orange colors are displayed, the elephants at the water pool, and the gazelles and zebras scampering away, just if it was their first time to witness an alien object in the sky The Balloon flight lasts approximately one hour, at touch down time there is a celebration, champagne is served, as hot breakfast in the bush is being prepared before your eyes on the burners that minutes before, kept you suspended in the air. You issued with a certificate of completion to display in your home country, to family, friends, coworkers. Clapping and participation by everyone present makes you proud to have achieved a onderful safari.Afterwards you drive back the way you came back to your lodge, enjoying game viewing, probably the same animals you saw while airborne. Balloon safari can also be done in Amboseli National Reserve